Entry #1

Post-apocalyptic wanderer

2017-08-19 06:11:17 by Cryofluid

Hi and Welcome !

I like the post-apocalyptic genre since I first watched Mad Max 2. Now I can`t imagine my life without all those wrecked cars, rusty tanks, city in ruins, wracks sunk in swamps, world in ruins in general.

I'm working with Jakub Tyszko (alias Kttdestroyer or the_ktt) as partnership.

Hope you will enjoy my share !


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2017-08-19 15:21:41

I know that feeling mate. them and Trenches

Cryofluid responds:

Damn, when you speak about trenches, it reminds me an old artwork documentary about a game dealing with a first World War uchronia. It was a game about the fact World War 1 never ended and technology has continued to evolve while people still live and fight in trenches. Sadly, this game was never released since the company went bankrupt. Don't remember the name ...


2017-09-16 03:39:17

What are your favorite post apocalyptic games, if you have any?

(Updated ) Cryofluid responds:

Hi, first thank you for your comment on scavenger.
Sadly, because of my work (and my passion of animating stuff ;)) I have only few time to play games.
My favorite post-apocalyptic games:

- Fallout 3 and all its DLC (except Mothership Zeta which I didn't take time to play).

- I really enjoyed Fallout 3 and it encouraged me to play original Fallout 1 and 2 => I was not disappointed ! I loved them.

Than a russian team created a non-official mmorpg of Fallout (based on fallout 1&2). It was very harsh and was called Fonline 2238. Even if in old style isometric game, it was one of the best mmorpg I ever played.

Recently, I spent around 700 hours on another excellent post-apocalyptic mmorpg : Rust (which I highly recommend if you like survival games and pvp).